Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another day, another update.
Got a little closer to finishing the bear/kid layout in the market place. I'm going for a slightly different look than I normally have in the past. I still need to resolve a bit more of the foreground, and how to make the bear and kid stand out better against the backdrop.

Here's a design for the internship where I show process. I'm not sure about this one yet. I don't know if she's quite strong enough. I change my mind about this one every other day.

1 comment:

  1. Man, that's such a swank style on the bear piece. It's so excellent to see you fishing around for new styles and stuff. To make the characters stand out, have you thought about throwing a blue over the buildings using a clipping mask, then turning the opacity down till it looks right? Might pop the figures since they have a lot of light colors in them. Beautiful blue afternoon light, mmm. Maybe you could even do something crazy like a drop shadow behind them to give it a paper look. I don't know, but I love it! That orange is making me fall in love.