Monday, March 30, 2009

After looking over my images to put in my portfolio for the internship, I realized that I don't do nearly enough layout images. So here are the initial tests:
These were a nice starting point to get into the zone, but they're definitely not portfolio material. Colors are puke, and they're waaay to plain. Not to mention a complete lack in character.
So here was the next image I'm working with. It's a plump bear in a zoo. It's still in process, but there will be a little girl standing by his cage, and a few figures in the foreground. Much better than the puke-scapes.Here's a shot of the same bear and girl walking through a crowded marketplace. (obviously not done..WHERES DA BEAR?)

So anywho....more updates soon....


  1. Goddamn I love that stripey canopy in the marketplace one. That is some sexy stuff.