Wednesday, May 27, 2009


After five years the big day finally arrived. As of Friday I became part of the MassArt alumni association. A big thanks to all my friends and family for helping me along the way, and to the staff and faculty who made it a great place to be!

The last few days have been spent trying to get this summer’s work situation all figured out. It’s a scary time to be out in the workforce, but I’m feeling better now that I have a better plan for the year. Part of that plan involves a great deal of artwork improvement and practice here on the blog, so expect some serious art updates.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Promo Materials 2009

So this week was spent getting my new branding together. Of course it's going to change as soon as my website changes again, but it should be good for a few months. Here's some of the pile of final promotional packets before they were put together :

Here's a close up of the final design for the new business cards:

And on another random note, I had sylized an image of some trees in a cold looking woods and decided to do an autumn themed version, just to play with some various styles. I'm hoping to get into some serious personal artmaking as soon as our portfolio night is over, and in the mean time I am on the hunt for some full time work for the summer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Degree Project Show

This monday was the day of the big degree project opening, and I'm happy to report that everything came together at the last minute. The show itself has tons of great work from this years graduating seniors. It's still up at massart till the 4th if anyone hasn't had a chance to check it out yet.