Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I've been working on this year...

First things first:

This past year I've been working full time at Harmonix on the game Dance Central. It was my task to help create over 650 individual flashcards that aid in the learning of each dance move. I've never been very good at rhythmic ceremonial rituals, but after a good deal of playing our game I'm not half bad.

The game was a great opportunity to learn from a lot of awesome artists along the way. I got to see the characters develop, the venues fall into place, the cinematic story-boarded, and the QA department dance till they dropped. Not only was I creating the icons, but I was absorbing the lessons of the artists in the room about their processes and techniques for bringing characters to life.

On that note! Here are a couple of more recent 3D designs that I've worked on in my spare time:

A quick study of fred astaire, done at lunch.

An old time pilot based on a sketchbook drawing

My still in-progress entry into the Polycount Brawl Contest. (hopefully to be updated soon!)

I've still got a lot to learn, but I can say I'm a great deal further along then I would have been trying to learn all this on my own.
Plenty more art updates to follow soon!

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