Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back From CTN Expo 2009!

I'm back from Burbank where I attended the CTN Expo this weekend. It was easily the greatest convention I have ever attended. With industry professionals everywhere you looked, and like-minded peers passing around business cards, you couldn't ask for a more creative atmosphere! I was lucky enough to be selected for a series of private interviews, and on top of that I had several of my favorite artists give me helpful critiques on my current portfolio. I'll be posting more (with pictures) soon of some of the highlights of the event, but for now I need to kick my art making into full gear! One of the interviews I had was very promising if I can deliver some fresh sketches of backgrounds before the start of december. I'll keep you posted if this opportunity goes somewhere!

Here's a quick composition done in about 20 minutes using a similar color scheme from an N.C Wyeth painting.

Another 20 minute composition, playing with brushes and angles.


  1. Jamie you are amazing and also wicked lucky. Maybe you could give me some pointers in Photoshop some time? I love how you made these look like paint on canvas using textures and I have NO IDEA how to do that.

  2. Hey Jamie!
    These are great! Well done.
    Really like the colours and layout of the 2nd one. The low angle with the grass in the foreground looks amazing.

    Like this brush style - keep going!